• When MV was modified to be called the M5, the modification increased the stern overhang to enable a carbon cub float plane to be carried on the aft-deck.
  • This drawing shows both the modified stern that increased the overall length of the yacht and it shows the keel modification. The keel modification required the original bulb ballast arrangement to be deleted and replaced with a simple extension to the fin keel.
  • This drawing shows the addition to the stern of the yacht and the keel in the down position.
  • This drawing shows in red the engine location.
  • When we increased the overall length of the yacht, we also relocated the on-deck dining area. This drawing shows the modified arrangement.
  • This drawing shows the overall interior arrangement of M5.
  • General Arrangement. This drawing shows three deck levels for the interior.
  • This drawing shows modifications to the original bulkhead details to take account of interior modifications requested for M5.
  • This drawing was developed for M5 to show the modified keel. The original bulb has been deleted to reduce the weight of the keel because of the decision to swap steel rigging for carbon fiber rigging.
  • This drawing shows the difference between MV and M5. The main difference is M5 is longer in overall length, has a keel with no bulb and reduced rudder depth.
  • This photograph taken in San Diego shows the modified stern for M5 with the carbon cub float plane located on the aft-deck.