Morning Cloud

  • Rendering of Morning Cloud showing the sail plan and underwater profile. I0R 44-feet racing yacht commissioned by the former prime minister of England, Edward Heath. This yacht was designed for racing in the Admiral’s Cup (1979).
  • This drawing shows the overall concept of the design, sail plan including the underwater profile.
  • This drawing shows the deck equipment arrangement. This includes the principal deck sailing equipment items. This drawing was developed to enable the yacht builder to locate on the deck all the sailing equipment items.
  • This drawing shows the interior general arrangement layout. <BR>1. This is the galley showing a two-element stove-and-double sink. <BR>2. Enclosed toilet compartment. <BR>3. Teak-wood bench seats enabling the crew to get ready in there special waterproof clothing before going on deck. <BR>3A. Main steps leading to on-deck. <BR>4. Eight bunks which are made very light-weight from aluminum tube and canvas stretch to support the mattress. <BR>5. Chart table area. This is where the navigator controls the yacht’s position during racing. <BR>6. Completely open area forward of the mast where the sails are kept. <BR>7. This shows the special arrangement for the propeller and the propeller shaft. The intention is to minimize the hydrodynamic resistance by hiding the propeller behind the yachts keel.
  • This drawing shows above-water-line profile and sail plan dimensions.
  • Photograph of Morning Cloud under full sail. The crew member standing by the mast is controlling the blue spinnaker.